What is the TestizeScore?

A backstage sneak peek

Creating our proprietary "TestizeScore" is a sophisticated process. We are capturing your site screenshots and page content across variety of mobile devices to carefully analyze it against currently accepted internet standards and metrics. We identify any issues that may impact your site customers, such as site usability, performance, rendering across multiple devices and browsers, and more. We assign scores to each of assessment category and provide the summary score.

The result is a single 100-point scale number that represents the essence of your site suitability and effectiveness to render successfully across devices and attract customers.

The low score indicates that site issues exist impacting site customers, site usability, site performance and rendering, and you may lose your customers and thus miss potential revenue. To improve the situation, we provide you with the list of recommendations and tasks to address identified issues, so your internet business could realize full benefit of your site and attract more happy visitors.

How to interpret a TestizeScore

TestizeScore ranges from 0-100, with higher scores indicating less issues and better site rendering across currently popular devices and browsers.
We highlight TestizeScore in three colors so that you can instantly compare:

green scores for site that has no issues preventing successful rendering across popular devices and browsers. No extra attention is required
yellow scores for site that has issues preventing customer navigating across your site successfully, and/or your site is not correctly rendered on some browsers/devices, therefore the site visitor's experience is impacted and they may abandon your site quickly. We provide you recommendations how to address those issues
red scores for site that have severe rendering and accessibility issues and site may not be rendered on majority of devices and browsers. The urgent attention is required in accordance to provided recommendations

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