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Your Customer Will Punch You In The Pocket Book If Your Site Doesn't Render In Their Mobile Browser. And You'll Be The Last To Know About It.


You know that the world is going mobile. And you know that every day new mobile platforms hit the market. But you don't know how your site is going to render across all of them. And if your site doesn't render, and render in less than three seconds, then it's game over for you, your site, and your product.

Mobile platforms: The next wave

Take a stroll through any mobile shop and look at all the different offerings people have to choose from today. You'll see hundreds of devices on the shelves, each with a different screen size, browser, processor, operating system and version. And next year, it'll all be new and different. That's all good for users, but it could spell disaster for web developers. How can you know that your site looks right in all those devices? And with throngs of customers moving to mobile platforms to search for products and services, knowing that your site works on every browser platform is critical to your business' success. Business owners and developers need tools to test if their site renders the way they expect across every platform.

Making sure your site works in every mobile browser

The fact of the matter is that the multiplication of operating systems and devices simply overwhelm the current methods of testing. The challenge is complex. You need a system that allows you to test your site's load times, platform compatibility, and coding compliance simply and effectively in the changing sea of technology.

It used to be simple, just load up the current browser families and open your site in each one. Poke around a bit and you'd come across the bugs you needed to code around. But when the operating systems and mobile platforms started storming the beach, life became a bit more difficult. The great consumer choices created a terrible mess of testing sites for all of them. And keeping pace with the new technology rollouts swamp even the big guys, let alone the small development shops and small business owners.

Making browser testing simpler

Thankfully, the problem has been addressed. Developers across the internet have created hassle free tools to test your site's rendering across multiple platforms. They are easy to use and give you clear, simple results about your site's compatibility in all platforms.

These tools offer you a virtual access to all the different mobile platforms out there. You can reliably test your development simply and effectively with these services. They'll tell you if your site is compatible with the latest mobile trends and let you know how it looks on different platforms. They are powerful analytical tools that assist every developer and business owner who is concerned about how their site renders in mobile browsers. The best of the tools offer you detailed metrics and parameters to evaluate cross-browser and cross-platform issues. You want pick a tool that works with you to optimize your site so you can make it compliant with current target platforms.

But don't choose a tool that sacrifices ease of use for powerful reporting. You want a tool that has been developed for the consumer market and operates in an area where anybody can use the system successfully and easily to test their sites compatibility. You want an interface that's simple, and results that are explained plainly in language that you can take action on.

Testize solution

We've developed our tool to meet these demands of easy, complete, and simple cross-platform testing. Business owners from florists to bakers all can use Testize to test their site so customers get the satisfaction they need to get their business done. The goal of any cross-platform testing tool is to let you concentrate on the business of your business and growing your bottom line, not worrying if your website is working on every mobile platform.

You can guess if your site works cross platform, or you can buy every device out there and test on it. But the best solution is to use one of the tools available to do simple verification of cross-platform compatibility. The choices are simpler than ever before, and they'll all let you get on with your business.

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